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An IMPORTANT Extensive Note regarding Hurricane Damage from the MANAGER

Posted by admin 
An IMPORTANT Extensive Note regarding Hurricane Damage from the MANAGER
May 10, 2017 10:52AM
Ok all....after sending out a letter to the ownership of Traders Inn concerning our shutdown....and looking at some of the emails and after quite a few phone calls....I am taking it upon myself to give you all some facts and goings on that have been occuring here at the property...its going to be a read believe me....lets start with the infamous Storm Matthew....Oct 7th....the day after the storm...we came on property to fairly extensive damage....the north side of our roof was damaged which led to the 5th floor being compromised...pool area pretty much in disarray...we tarped the roof, called in some help with the rooms and in the meantime waited patiently for the insurance adjuster....(we did post photos of our damage here on Fcool smiley...it became very apparent that we were finding more and more damage as time went on....water intrusion down our shafts of the building affecting other floors and units...all the while still not getting satisfaction from the adjuster or insurance...we then turned to a public adjuster who basically started the ball rolling...we did moisture testing on units that were affected and found more damage....during this time we were trying to keep the resort up and functioning to the best of our ability but seemingly loosing more units as time went on..we were finding it almost impossible to keep the resort open....thats when the board met and decided to close.
Demolition started, all wet walls taken out....electrical and plumbing that was affected removed, some cabinets and counters had to be removed...and still no word from the insurances.....we are at the point now that we have taken on most of the damage and unfortunately have taken Humpty Dumpty apart but alas are still waitiing on inurance to be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again...(I'm trying to make funnies here)...
It is not the construction people working here at the resort that is causing our delay...we have very strong contractors who know what they are doing...and are biting at the bit to get going....
In the meantime we have cut back drastically our staff, laid off some employees who have been loyal to us for years..it has been a very stressful situation here for us also....
This is the reason this last letter went out to you....we were very hopeful that we would be open the begining of June but do to the unforeseen and delays from the insurances companies this isn't going to happen...and a very strong possibility that will affect our July owners as well....I know its disheartening....I know there are vacations scheduled and situations turned upside down...employees life also turned upside down....but we will prevail.....Traders Inn will reopen "Anew"

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