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May 25, 2017 03:47PM
7/27 UPDATE:

..... roof work has begun....we welcomed these workers with excitement today.... sorry for the delay in posting but wanted to post something promising....once the roof is underway.... we can then start with walls and floors and counters....yes flooring and counters and anything else needed ....to be putting TIBC back together again.....looks like we should be able to look for an opening maybe mid September or 1st of October....everything depending on how fast the work goes and the weather.....if the front desk hasn't called you concerning your weeks I would suggest you call Cheryl Tuesday Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 5 @ 386-441-1111 .... she will have more info for you...please remember if you call and don't t get an answer...please try try again....phones are extremely busy....


To our fellow Owners

Whether you’re walking on the beach or driving by the Resort you will wonder, why are there no people at the pool or cars in the parking area. A closer look at the building shows some, but not a significant amount of damage. Several questions run through your mind, what’s happened, what’s going on. There’s a single word answer to all your questions. MATTHEW.
Matthew was not the first Hurricane to approach Ormond Beach. For Traders Inn, it has been the worst. The major damage to the exterior of the building was the roof. That damage is the primary cause of the resulting interior damage. How bad was it? Here’s the answers.
• The roof was so badly damaged that the concrete deck has to be sealed before the roof can be repaired
• 32 units were either completely or partially demolished. This included removal of sheet rock, cabinetry, counters, sinks and toilets;
• The heaviest damage was the North end of the building, becoming somewhat less as you moved to the southern part;
• 8 units had ceiling damage requiring removal of the Popcorn. This has been completed;
• Many units required new plumbing as the water intrusion entered down the ventilating pipes as the roof deteriorated. Work will begin shortly;
• Electrical issues such as interior unit outlets and control panels were compromised. Work will begin shortly;
• 17 units were unscathed. They became the depository for the furniture along with the PODS that were rented. Fortunately, little of the furnishings were damaged;
• While there was no glass damage, sliding glass doors have to be reset. Many windows will have to be resealed;
• At least six (6) air conditioning units have to be replaced;
• There was some concrete damage to the building. We’re still attempting to get proposals;
• Floor tiles in several rooms have buckled requiring replacement;
• It may also be necessary to replace the tiles in the Common Areas;
• The stairs from the pool deck to the beach were washed away and have been replaced;
• The interior and exterior of the building will have to be repainted.

We’ve had these questions from you.

Q) Why has it taken so long to get the work started?
A) The original damage estimate by the insurance adjuster was that the loss would not exceed the $148,000 deductible. On behalf of the Association the Board hired a Public Adjuster who is projecting our claim to be in excess of one million dollars and counting. The insurance company has sent their engineer to inspect the property three times. We’ve also had our engineer in to assist in assessing the damage. In addition they have had two (2) consultants who have held several meetings with our Public Adjuster. There are still several legitimate issues which have to be resolved.

Q) Should we get an attorney?
A) The best advice we’ve received is no. If we did that, everything would come to a halt. No further negotiations or discussion. There would be legal expense, depositions, more expert witnesses (all at a cost to us) and it could take years to settle. The Insurance Contract has a clause requiring binding arbitration, which we may be required to enter if we cannot reach an agreement with the Insurance Company.

Q) Can we get the Florida Insurance Dept. to help?
A) Probably not. The Insurers who typically provide this coverage do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Insurance Dept.

We deeply regret having to close. There was just no safe way to keep any rooms open.
Kathy, our Resort Manager, her staff and the Board members are looking to the day we can say, OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Our best to you all.

The Resort Manager and The Board of Directors

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