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Update from the Board of Directors on Reopening

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Update from the Board of Directors on Reopening
January 30, 2018 03:33PM
TIBC Owners:
From: Board of Directors
Date: January 27, 2018
We apologize for the inconvenience for the delayed opening of your resort.
At the Annual Meeting we discussed opening in January, regrettably we later determined that we could not do that. We had all intentions of having the units available and ready for a January opening. We had the concrete work scheduled to be done in the spring with the units open. During the latter part of December, we had a couple days of heavy rain and water entered several units. This prompted us to make the decision to immediately proceed with the concrete work now.
We have scheduled the concrete work on the beach side first. Because of the possibility of concrete falling during this process we made the decision to keep TIBC closed until this portion of the project is completed. Once the beachfront portion of the building is completed (we expect this to be sometime in March) , we will start opening the resort as quickly as we can. We will continue to have the remaining concrete work ongoing on the other sides of the building. Once the concrete work is completed we will be power washing and painting the exterior of the building. Some of this work will be on-going while the resort is open and there will be noise and other inconveniences as a result. However, we felt that many owners would not mind a few inconveniences if they were allowed to use the property so it is our intent to open as soon as it is safe to have unit occupants. All work inside the rooms has been completed on the first four floors and finishing touches are ongoing on the fifth floor.
During the rain storm in December we had to repaint several rooms on all levels but that has been completed. Some rooms have been remodeled due to hurricane damage, but not all rooms. All rooms will however, have been repainted and new flat screen TV’s.
We, your Board of Directors have asked the management to POST to Facebook and the Web-Page status of the work weekly. If you have direct questions you may call TIBC. The staff has been reduced to a minimum and is not responsible for the delayed opening. Please understand the position that they are in relaying the unfortunate messages and do not take your frustration out on them. If you have a direct question for a board member, please leave a contact number and a board member will contact you.
Barring unforeseen problems, we hope to have TIBC open and available as soon as the beach side concrete work is completed in March.

Your Board of Directors.
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