Traders Inn Beach Club

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Owner Information

Exchange / Rental Information

Your unit/week(s) is fixed time. We hope that you are able to make your deeded unit/week(s). Should you be unable to make your fixed week(s), there are several options available to you, of which you may choose any one.

Option 1

You can join an exchange company. There are fees for membership payable to the exchange company. In essence, you are releasing your particular unit/week(s) for the current year that you are unable to attend here at your home resort, and allowing the exchange company to book someone else in your stead. You are also given that same opportunity, to choose from a myriad of resorts and weeks that may be a better fit to your schedule for that particular year.

* Please note - Traders Inn Beach Club cannot release your unit for exchange unless the Maintenance Fees for the year you are wishing to exchange are paid.

Following is the contact information for three companies Traders Inn Beach Club works with on a regular basis.

Member Services
Resort Code: 3653
II (Interval International)
Member Services
Resort Code: TDI
Global Connections
Member Services
1-800-411-9027 or

Option 2

You may place your unit/week(s) up for rent in the Traders Inn Beach Club rental pool. Rental Agreements are sent out with the annual billing in November. You may also call the resort anytime to request a Rental Agreement should you require one. Your unit must be placed up for rent in our rental pool two weeks before your week is scheduled to begin. Less than two weeks, you will only receive moneys should your particular unit rent. In the rental pool, all like units are pooled together and the moneys divided equally among the owners of said unit-types. There is a 20% fee for use of this option. The proceeds are mailed directly to you 4-6 weeks after your week. Traders Inn Beach Club can in no way guarantee rentals, however, our front desk staff works diligently at securing rentals for our owners.

Option 3

You may choose to send a guest in your place. Rest assured they will be treated as well as all of our owners, with the same courtesy and privileges extended to you. Should you choose this option, please notify the resort in writing by mailing a letter containing your guest's information. Just like all of our owners and guests, they will be required to leave a security deposit at check-in {typically a credit card imprint} and will be responsible for any damages or fees incurred during their stay.

**If any moneys are exchanged in this transaction, such as a fee you charge to your guest for use of your time-share, it is solely between you and your guest, and it is not the responsibility of Traders Inn Beach Club to collect these moneys on your behalf.